FAQ – Grant Reporting

Do we have to turn in our required narrative and financial report for our last grant before reapplying?
An organization may submit an application for funding before completing their reporting requirements for a previous grant. However, the Foundation will not accept applications from organizations with overdue reporting requirements.

Can we show recognition for your support?
The Stewardship Foundation wishes to remain anonymous. No plaques, memorials, press releases or public acknowledgment relating to the Stewardship Foundation may be used by the Grantee without prior approval, except that the Foundation may be listed along with other donors in your organization’s printed annual report. Recognition gifts to the Foundation are discouraged.

Our organization’s grant report is due, but our audited financial statements won’t be prepared in time. What should we do?
The Foundation does not require audited financial statements as part of the financial grant reporting requirements. Provide year-to-date organizational financial statements (balance sheet and year-to-date income and expense report with actual versus budget comparisons) for the most recently completed month for which statements are available. If your grant was for a specific project, please include actuals expended against the project budget submitted with the application. Include an explanation if there is a discrepancy between the budget and the actual expenditures, or if there are unspent Foundation funds.

Grantee Spotlight


  HopeCentral is a faith-based, non-profit pediatric and behavioral health clinic in the Othello neighborhood of South Seattle. We provide exceptional primary care and behavioral health services to the entire community regardless of income or background, reserving 50% of our patient capacity for families with low incomes. We also welcome families with special needs, who often struggle to find providers who understand their needs, and as a result experience delayed or missed services and increased family stress. HopeCentral became a Washington Autism Center of Excellence in 2015 to provide badly needed autism evaluations and we have intentionally designed our primary care practice to accommodate special needs. Our mission speaks to the elimination of health disparities through robust, early intervention in children’s health and building a diverse community based on our common health needs. Learn more at https://www.hopecentralhealth.org


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