Guidelines & Themes

  1. Grants are made to Christ-centered organizations that share their faith in Jesus in word and deed  with others throughout the world.
  2. Grants are made to organizations and projects which address the following themes:
    • Leadership: We support organizations that prepare and train leaders for the church and marketplace. The Foundation favors instruction, mentoring and discipleship of existing indigenous leaders in the least evangelized world.
    • Poverty: We support organizations that alleviate urban and rural poverty with a local emphasis on homelessness and in the developing world through community development including agriculture, economic, education, health  and water initiatives.
    • Justice and Reconciliation: We support organizations working on behalf of people suffering all forms of injustice, oppression and persecution, particularly racial and ethnic injustice. We support organizations that promote civil dialogue, constructive bridge building, and restoration initiatives.
    • Faith and Discipleship: We support organizations that lead people to become followers of Christ  through genuine, faithful relationships.
    • Children at Risk: We support organizations that assist vulnerable children, protecting them from abuse and unfair treatment, helping them to develop and thrive as healthy human beings.
  3. Grants are generally made in support of programs and operating expenses, and rarely for capital projects. Only organizations with a prior funding relationship with the Foundation are eligible for general operating grants.
  4. Grants are made to non-denominational parachurch organizations.
  5. Domestically, grants are made to agencies that have a national impact, except for local agencies serving the citizens of the Puget Sound Region in Western Washington.
  6. Grants are generally limited to 10 percent of total operating revenue.
  7. Grants are generally for one year’s duration. Multiple year requests are considered for special projects, subject to annual review.
  8. Grants are made to organizations holding a United States Internal Revenue Service letter verifying public 501(c)(3) status.
  9. Organizations applying for program funding must practice full control of donated funds, discretion over their use and evaluation of their program’s effectiveness.
  10. Organizations are eligible to apply once per year.

At this time the Foundation does not fund:

  • Individuals for scholarships or fellowships
  • Endowments
  • Debt reduction
  • Emergency Disaster Relief
  • Missionary sending
  • Lobbying or influencing elections or legislation
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